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Integrated Flowtech caters to the irrigation needs of diverse segments of customers with an exhaustive range of products and services backed by RAIN BIRD International Inc. USA - world leaders in the field of irrigation and inventor of the first Sprinkler, way back in 1933.

Integrated Flowtech, provides specific solutions for every irrigation requirement by offering individually designed Irrigation System for Farm Houses, Parks, Sports Fields, Landscape in environment friendly Corporate/Industrial Complexes, Resorts/ Luxury Hotels, Amusement Parks and sprawling green turf of various landmarks.

Integrated Flowtech offers and extensive range of landscape Irrigation Systems; from the basic manually operated Sprinkler System to the state of the art 'Automated' System using 'Pop-Up' Sprinklers/ Sprayheads ('Pop-Up' Sprinkler System), which not only irrigate but do so with a visually pleasant impact.

The advanced 'Pop-Up' Sprinkler System are preferred the world over as they are not only unobtrusive but also impart a unique sophistication to the entire process of irrigation. The piping network for this 'invisible' System is laid underground and the 'Pop-Ups' too are placed underground as per the irrigation design. 'Pop-Up', as the name suggest, are sprinklers which pop-up from the ground only at the time of irrigation and do not disturb the expanse of the landscape. Thus, 'even' watering, without human labour is assured at any hour of day/night.

Integrated Flowtech offers an unmatched vast range of Rain Bird Pop-Up Sprinklers with Patented 'RAIN CURTAIN' technology (with radius of throw ranging from 5 to 25 Mtrs) to cover the largest of landscapes and Sprayheads (with radius of throw ranging from 1 to 5 meters) for the smallest of strips.