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One of the starkest, ironical realities that the human race will encounter in the perceivable future is: amidst threats of vast swathes of land, even whole cities, going underwater from ecological changes, a chronic shortage of clean, potable water can take life-threatening proportions.

Ouch. While living on a planet one-third of which is water, we could go dangerously thirsty. If we are not careful, wise and proactive in water conservation, that is. Already, billions of people around the world live everyday with water shortages and restricted supply.

In this backdrop, intelligent use of existent water resources becomes a critical agenda for the whole of human kind. Optimal Utilization through techniques such as Drip Irrigation, Water Harvesting, Landscape Architecture, are critical components of the Water Wisdom that we need to inculcate, and our future generations need to imbibe, in order to survive.

In this future battle for survival, companies that provide intelligent, optimumtech solutions in Water Flow Applications play a vital role.

Presenting a company that takes pride in the contributions it makes everyday, in meeting this issue head on.


With a varied experience of nearly two decades, a change-driver attitude and intelligent infrastructure, the company is today a frontline presence in the field. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, it operates two strategically located residing offices at Surat, Mumbai and its warehouse is located at Ahmedabad.


In all these areas of service, Integrated Flowtech employs best-in-class technologies and products available worldwide. These are sourced from world leaders in their respective sectors


To help make this world green & clean. To support the environment through smart use of technology. To contribute significantly to one of human kind's major battles for survival.


To attain leadership in all chosen areas of activities, through committed services, optimum technologies and intelligent application of expertise.


Make the best use of men & material. Adhere to a 'reasonable profit' business model, keeping in view social responsibilities and environmental concerns.