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In tune with technology in touch with the roots, Integrated Flowtech, since its inception has been dedicated to the cause of 'Green Revolution' ; a fact corroborated by more than 20,000 satisfied customers enjoying use of Integrated Flowtech's versatile Agricultural Irrigation Systems.

Integrated Flowtech has been engaged in developing comprehensive water management strategies and system that address the issue of Natural Resource Conservation and Better Yield and has successfully delivered products and systems that are performing dependable and cost effective.

DRIP LINES / DRIP TAPE: Low precipitation rate of closely spaced inbuilt Drippers at regular distance in the tubing creates a continuous and uniform wet strip. Ideally suitable for seasonal crops, row crops, flower beds etc.

DRIP EMITTERS: Drippers emit one drop of water at a time with uniform flow of 2 to 8 LPH. Available in 'Pressure Compensatory' 'Non-Pressure Compensatory types. Ideally suitable for Trees, Nurseries, Horticulture, Green Houses etc.

MISTERS/FOGGERS: Ideal for cooling and maintaining humidity, particularly in the controlled environment and are suitable for green houses, poultry farms etc.

SPRINKLER SYSTEM: Integrated Flowtech Sprinkler System is specially designed for the Indian farming conditions & needs and is easy to install, light in weight, rugged and easy to maintain. The Sprinkler System could be completely solid state or portable depending on the individual farmer's need budget.

LOW FLOW SYSTEMS: Low Flow Systems deliver precise amount of water, fertilizer and chemicals, thus not only saving water and energy but also maximizing crop production. These high quality Low Flow Irrigation Systems are excellent choice for Vineyards, Nurseries, Orchards, Vegetables/Flower beds etc

MICRO/MINI SPRINKLERS: Spray water into air which falls on ground in the form of small droplets thus maintaining proper porosity of soil. Micro Sprinklers are suitable for nurseries, green houses, vegetables , flowerbeds, orchards etc and are available in wetting radius of 0.5 to 4.5 mtrs. Mini Sprinklers are used for field crops, vegetables, nurseries etc and are available in full and part circle rotation with wetting radius of 6 to 8 mtrs.